Seraphine LoL Seraphine LoL Abilities And Items

Seraphine LoL – In the vast world of League of Legends, new champions constantly emerge, captivating the hearts of players. Seraphine, a recent addition, has swiftly garnered a devoted following. Her enchanting musical abilities and crowd-control prowess make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This resource aims to provide seasoned players with a comprehensive rune selection for Patch 13.6. However, for those new to Seraphine, we recommend delving into detailed guides to fully grasp the effectiveness of this build and learn how to maximize this champion’s potential.

Seraphine LoL

In the midst of the pandemic, on October 29, 2020, a magical champion named Seraphine made her debut. With her starry-eyed persona and captivating melodies, she quickly ascended to the top of the tier list. Seraphine’s unique combination of music-based abilities and crowd control has mesmerized players worldwide. If you’re searching for the best skins in League of Legends, you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide explores all of Seraphine’s skin options, including both her newest releases and the classics. Dive into the details of each skin’s changer, chromas, prices, rarities, release dates, and sale history.

Seraphine LoL History

Seraphine’s initial lore comprised a concise five paragraphs, unveiling her background as a young girl nurtured in Piltover by parents hailing from Zaun, who made significant sacrifices to shield her. Her story unveiled a remarkable ability to hear the melodies within people, inflicting excruciating agony upon her. However, amidst this turmoil, she found solace in a crystal that alleviated the cacophony, preventing her descent into madness.

Seraphine entered the League of Legends stage a little over a year ago, but her arrival was met with a wave of intense criticism and animosity from the community. Numerous players deemed her introduction unnecessary, as her visual design and abilities appeared to overlap with existing champions like Lux and Sona. Furthermore, her excessively cheerful disposition and “starry-eyed songstress” persona seemed out of place in the game’s darker and more serious atmosphere. Despite efforts to make her more appealing to players, the initial reception remained largely unfavorable.

Seraphine LoL How To Play

Although Seraphine is a formidable champion, she may encounter difficulties when facing specific counters like Veigar or Zeri. To triumph in your lane and overcome these challenges, it is crucial to choose the appropriate spells, items, and runes. Our Seraphine ADC pro build is designed precisely for this purpose. By embracing our recommended build and mastering Seraphine’s distinctive playstyle, you can transform into an unstoppable force on the Rift and emerge victorious, even against the most formidable adversaries.

Seraphine’s Essential Items for Dominating the Battlefield

When playing Seraphine in League of Legends, there are crucial items that you should prioritize to enhance your performance. These essential items for Seraphine are outlined below:

Doran’s Ring

Costing 400 gold, Doran’s Ring is a starting item that offers multiple benefits. It provides 60 health, 15 ability power, and 5 mana regeneration per 5 seconds. This item boosts your early-game survivability and ability to damage output.

Health Potion

The Health Potion is a consumable item that can be purchased for 50 gold. It allows you to restore 150 health over a 15-second duration. It’s a handy tool for sustaining during the laning phase.

Stealth Ward

For 75 gold, you can acquire the Stealth Ward, a consumable item that grants vision of a specific area for a limited time. Placing wards strategically helps you track enemy movement and provides valuable information for your team.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

These boots, costing 900 gold, offer +15 ability haste and +10% summoner spell haste. They enhance your ability cooldown reduction, enabling you to cast spells more frequently and effectively control the battlefield.

Cosmic Drive

Considered a legendary item, Cosmic Drive is an excellent addition to your build. It costs 3200 gold and grants +70 ability power, +200 health, and +30 ability haste. This item enhances your ability damage, provides additional health for survivability, and reduces ability cooldowns.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap is a powerful item in League of Legends that significantly amplifies your ability power. Priced at 3800 gold, it offers a whopping +120 ability power, making your spells more potent and destructive.

Void Staff

If your opponents stack magic resistance, Void Staff is an essential item to penetrate their defenses. For 2500 gold, it provides +65 ability power and significant magic penetration, ensuring your spells deal maximum damage.

Liandry’s Anguish

Liandry’s Anguish is a top-tier item that empowers your ability power and inflicts damage over time. Priced at 3200 gold, it provides +80 ability power and +600 mana, granting you increased spell power and sustained damage potential.

By prioritizing these essential items, you can optimize Seraphine’s performance on the battlefield. Remember to adapt your itemization based on the specific game situation, your team composition, and the enemy’s lineup. Use these items strategically to dominate the Rift and lead your team to victory.

Seraphine Abilities And Summoner Spells

Seraphine, the versatile champion in League of Legends, offers a plethora of abilities and summoner spells for players to choose from. When selecting Seraphine during champion selection, it is vital to consider the impact these spells can have on team fights. Underestimating their significance would be a grave mistake.


High Note (Passive): Seraphine’s passive ability grants her basic attacks and abilities additional range and deals bonus magic damage. Utilize this ability to poke enemies from a safe distance and maximize your damage output.

Surround Sound (Q): This ability allows Seraphine to send out a sound wave that damages enemies and applies a note. When subsequent abilities hit a target with a note, they deal bonus damage and extend the range of Surround Sound. Mastering this ability is essential for

Effective poke and waveclear. Beat Drop (W): Beat Drop provides Seraphine and her nearby allies with a shield and movement speed. Additionally, champions hit by the ability receive a note. Proper timing and positioning of Beat Drop can turn the tide of battles and provide vital protection for your team.

Encore (E): Encore is a powerful crowd control ability that charms enemies and deals magic damage. It can be a game-changer in team fights, allowing your team to capitalize on the immobilized foes. Mastering the skill shot nature of Encore is crucial for maximum impact.

Encore’s Effect (R): Seraphine’s ultimate ability amplifies the power of her previous abilities, extending their range, and increasing their potency. This ability can turn the tides of battles, disrupt enemy formations, and set up devastating plays for your team.

Summoner Spells:

Flash: Flash is a must-have summoner spell for Seraphine. It provides an instant dash that allows you to escape dangerous situations or engage in aggressive plays. Mastering the timing and positioning of Flash can be a game-changer.

Ignite: Ignite is an offensive summoner spell that deals true damage over time and reduces healing on the target. It’s particularly effective against champions with high sustain or in securing kills during skirmishes.

Heal: Heal is a supportive summoner spell that restores health to you and a nearby ally while granting a brief burst of movement speed. It can be a lifesaver during crucial fights or when escaping dangerous situations.

Barrier: Barrier provides a temporary shield that absorbs incoming damage. It can provide a crucial survival tool during all-ins or when anticipating heavy burst damage from enemies.

Cleanse: Cleanse is a defensive summoner spell that removes all crowd control effects from your champion. It can be invaluable when facing teams with heavy crowd control compositions.

When choosing Seraphine’s summoner spells, consider your team composition, the enemy’s lineup, and your preferred playstyle. Adapt your choices to maximize your impact and contribute to your team’s success.

By understanding and harnessing the full potential of Seraphine’s abilities and summoner spells, you can become a versatile force on the Rift, leading your team to victory and leaving a symphony of triumph in your wake.

Seraphine Runes

Selecting the optimal runes for Seraphine in League of Legends can significantly impact her effectiveness on the Rift. The right combination of runes can transform her into a formidable force, capable of leaving a lasting impact on the game. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that rune choices can vary based on individual playstyle and personal preferences. Thus, players are encouraged to experiment and discover the runes that align best with their unique approach. To assist you on your journey, here are some highly effective runes to consider:

Keystone Rune: Arcane Comet

Arcane Comet is a popular keystone rune for Seraphine, as it synergizes well with her long-range abilities. This rune allows her to periodically unleash a comet that deals bonus damage to enemies hit by her abilities, granting her increased poke potential in the laning phase and team fights.

Domination Path

Taste of Blood: This rune provides Seraphine with sustain by healing her for a portion of the damage dealt to enemy champions. It helps her survive trades in the early game and maintain presence in the later stages.
Ghost Poro: Ghost Poro grants vision and adaptive force when a ward is placed in the enemy jungle. It aids in map control and provides valuable information to your team, ensuring safer rotations and potential objective control.

Inspiration Path

Biscuit Delivery: Biscuit Delivery grants Seraphine additional sustain and mana upon consuming biscuits. This rune is particularly useful during the early laning phase, where it can help her survive aggressive matchups and provide much-needed mana regeneration.
Cosmic Insight: Cosmic Insight reduces the cooldowns of Seraphine’s summoner spells and items, allowing her to cast spells more frequently and utilize key items at crucial moments. This rune enhances her overall utility and flexibility in the game.

Adaptive Path

Absolute Focus: Absolute Focus grants bonus ability power when Seraphine is at high health. This rune rewards players who position themselves safely and maintain high health, amplifying her damage potential during crucial engagements.
Scorch: Scorch provides bonus damage on Seraphine’s abilities, adding extra poke and harass in the laning phase. It synergizes well with her kit, allowing her to whittle down opponents and maintain pressure in the early game.

Remember, these rune choices serve as a starting point and can be customized based on your preferred playstyle. Adaptability and experimentation are key to finding the perfect rune combination that complements your strengths and enhances your performance on the battlefield. Harness the power of runes, and unlock Seraphine’s true potential to orchestrate victory in every game.

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine

This electrifying skin transforms Seraphine into a pop sensation. With vibrant visuals, new sound effects, and mesmerizing recall animations, she takes center stage as part of the iconic K/DA music group.

PsyOps Seraphine

Dive into the world of espionage with PsyOps Seraphine. This skin features a futuristic theme, complete with sleek visuals and enhanced abilities. Experience the thrill of being an agent of chaos on the Rift.

Ultimate Skin: Seraphine

Seraphine’s Ultimate skin offers an immersive experience like no other. With evolving visuals, unique animations, and a special musical theme, this skin evolves throughout the game based on your performance.

Regular Skins: Seraphine

Seraphine also offers a range of regular skins, each with its own distinct theme and style. Explore her earlier releases, such as Star Guardian Seraphine or her base skin, to fully appreciate her enchanting persona

Seraphine Abilities: A Symphony of Power

Seraphine possesses a unique set of abilities that revolve around her musical talents. Let’s explore each of them:


Seraphine’s passive ability, Echo, grants her basic attacks and abilities additional magic damage. It also creates a soundwave that deals damage to enemies behind her target, amplifying her area-of-effect potential.

High Note

Seraphine’s Q ability, High Note, allows her to unleash a sonic wave, damaging enemies in a line and slowing them. Skilled use of High Note can be devastating in team fights, as it can hit multiple targets and disrupt the enemy’s positioning.

Surround Sound

Seraphine’s W ability, Surround Sound, enables her to grant herself and her nearby allies a shield and bonus movement speed. This ability not only enhances her survivability but also empowers her team, making her an invaluable asset in protecting and engaging.

Beat Drop

Seraphine’s E ability, Beat Drop, is a skillshot that sends out a soundwave, dealing damage to enemies and rooting them. Beat Drop is crucial for catching out opponents or setting up plays, as it allows Seraphine and her team to capitalize on immobilized foes.


Seraphine’s ultimate ability, Encore, showcases her true potential as a musical prodigy. She charms all nearby enemies, causing them to dance uncontrollably. This devastating crowd control ability can turn the tide of team fights and secure victory for her team.

Seraphine’s Recommended Items

Enhancing Her Melodic Might

To fully optimize Seraphine’s abilities, it is essential to select appropriate items that complement her playstyle. Here are some recommended items for Seraphine:

Luden’s Echo

This core item enhances Seraphine’s burst potential, granting bonus ability power, magic penetration, and a unique passive that deals additional damage to enemies hit by her abilities.

Ardent Censer

As a support-oriented champion, Ardent Censer provides Seraphine with bonus ability power, mana regeneration, and a passive that empowers her allies with bonus attack speed and bonus magic damage on-hit.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

This legendary item amplifies Seraphine’s magic damage output, significantly boosting her ability power. It is a crucial item for maximizing her damage potential in the late game.

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya’s Hourglass offers Seraphine much-needed survivability. Its active ability allows her to enter a stasis state, rendering her untargetable for a brief period, providing valuable time for her team to react or reposition.

Mikael’s Crucible

As a support, Mikael’s Crucible is an excellent choice to enhance Seraphine’s utility. It provides ability power, mana regeneration, and an active ability that removes crowd control effects from an ally, allowing her to turn the tide of a fight and save her teammates.


Seraphine stands out as a truly unique and beloved champion. With her enchanting musical theme and versatile abilities, she has captivated the hearts of players across the world. As a mage, Seraphine excels in both dealing damage to her adversaries and providing invaluable utility to her team.

At the core of Seraphine’s gameplay lies her musical prowess, which translates into a versatile and supportive playstyle. Her abilities harmoniously blend her magical melodies with strategic gameplay, allowing her to control the battlefield with finesse. Whether unleashing her powerful sonic attacks or offering supportive aid to her allies, Seraphine remains a force to be reckoned with.

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